When this man spotted a burnt-out light bulb in the basement of his home in the Czech Republic, he decided to change it immediately. The man was about to dump it into a garbage bin but suddenly the year of its production caught his eye. It turned out that the bulb was working for 31 years instead of the usual two years for incandescent light bulbs.

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The man was so impressed with the lifetime of the bulb that he shared this story on Reddit. The post immediately became popular, because the lifetime of that light bulb was almost 15 times longer than the average.

The author of the post admitted that he did nothing to increase the life span of the light bulb. It worked just as usual light bulb.

Source: trendymen.com

In fact, that light bulb was a Tesla bulb produced at one of the factories in the era of Czechoslovakia. Now this country no longer exists as it broke up into the Czech Republic and Slovakia 30 years ago.

Redditors supposed that, unlike other manufacturers of incandescent light bulbs, the creators of this bulb did not set a limit on the life span of its filament.

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According to a popular theory, a number of lamp factories in the 20th century agreed that a light bulb should not work more than a certain number of hours or cycles off. Official confirmation of the theory, however, has never been found.

Reddit members have suggested that it is worth looking for other light bulbs from Czechoslovakia. After all, if this theory is correct, some of them are sure to work.

Source: trendymen.com

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