If you think it's impossible to store things efficiently in a small apartment, we're happy to tell you it's not true. Of course, it's good when there is a garage, pantry, or at least a balcony. But what if your apartment is small, and you want to place your all belongings there? Since many things are of great importance to us, we have to look for smart storage solutions. Here's seven most amazing space saving ideas.

Ditch your closet

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Replace your closet with a curtain, behind which you can place an open shelving unit with shelves, organizers, hangers, and other storage units. Add hooks and use the entire space up to the ceiling. In this way you can neatly hang towels, scarves, hats, and sweaters, bags, coats, umbrellas and save precious space.

Extra blocks

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Some of the best storage ideas for a small apartment are to make the most of the space in the closet you already have. Declutter your closet and install additional shelves. Add more organizers that will also help you make the most of the space. This will keep things tidy all year round. Make use of the empty space above the closet. For example, place pretty baskets with lids on the top of your wardrobe.

Inner storage space

Suitcases, stools, tables, and other furniture with drawers are the best option for storing all sorts of things. Storage ottomans are perfect for blankets and extra pillows. You can also store your books there.

Individual apartment features

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Look at the design features of your apartment. When organizing storage units, use niches, ledges, wide openings. A particularly creative option is a fake column, the interior of which is used as a storage unit.

Using Technical Spaces

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In bathroom use the technical spaces behind the plumbing doors by adding shelves there. Like in a full built-in closet, there you can store cleaning supplies, toilet paper, and other useful things.

Long countertop

Make a countertop from wall to wall, whether it is a children's room, office, or kitchen. Pay attention to the corners: they are often left empty when countertops don't reach the walls, resulting in unused space on both sides.

Smart kitchen

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Are your kitchen cabinets not spacious enough? Hang pots and pans on hooks, and place the hooks on the rail. This is a convenient way to hang cutlery, ladles, can openers, cutting boards, knives, mugs, oven mitts. You can also hang your kitchen utensils on the perforated board. It will free up more space in the drawers.

Source: marieclaire.com

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