Divers off the east coast of England discovered a royal warship that went missing in 1682. It's the most important find of the last century, but as it turned out later, divers found the ship back in 2007 and spent the next 15 years carefully concealing the find.

Historical find. Source: bbc.com

The famous Gloucester was the future king of England, James II, who managed to escape during the wreck. The ship was stranded on a sandbank not far from the coast of Norfolk, and most of the crew got into lifeboats. At the King's orders, the crew later returned to salvage the wreck, but the ship was no longer in place.

The presumptive appearance of the ship. Source: bbc.com

Many enthusiasts were engaged in the search for the Gloucester. The brothers Julian and Lincoln Barnwell were the lucky ones who had to survey an area of 5,000 nautical miles. The discovered frigate was in several pieces: the keel had broken away from the hull and the hull itself had sunk deep into the sandy bottom.

Photo from personal archive. Source: bbc.com

No one in the world knew where the ship was laid to rest. We searched the holds, found the cannon. The hardest part was hiding the find for the next 15 years," Lincoln Barnwell recalled.

Research team at the discovery site. Source: bbc.com

The divers were forbidden by the British Ministry of Defense to announce the find. "The Gloucester lies in international waters, its holds are full of gold and by law another country can claim it.

Source: bbc.com

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