This amazing story has recently happened in Silicon Valley, which is known not only for its numerous high-tech companies, but also for its extremely expensive home prices. Moreover, people there really care about their pets, they treat them as their family members. One of them, Troy Good rents a $1,500 studio apartment for a pair of cats. But how on earth is it possible that cats are tenants?


Troy Good, 43, rents a 400-square-foot studio apartment in San Jose for his cats Louise and Tina. According to David Callish, the homeowner, last fall his buddy came to him and said that his daughter, an 18-year-old girl named Victoria, was going to study at Azusa Pacific in Southern California. She had two cats at home that she wasn't allowed to take to the dorm. So she asked her father to look after the cats, Tina, a large, black Bombay cat, and Louise, her fluffy, gray-striped Maine Coon sister.

Tina the cat. Source:

Tina's roommate Louise. Source:

The man couldn't keep the cats with him either, as they didn't get along with his dog. So he made up his mind to rent a whole studio apartment for them from his friend David Callish.


Now Louise and Tina live in a comfortable apartment, and their owner pays a $1,500 every month. It is quite a bargain since the average cost of such housing in Silicon Valley is about $1,900. But Troy says he's ready to pay a lot more for a bit of peace and quiet at his home.


There is no kitchen in the studio, but the cats don't care.

This is what the studio looks like. Source:

David Callish says that Louise and Tina are the best tenants one can only imagine. "They don't talk back and they don't know who Trump is so that's great," Callish says. According to the man, the cats are very quiet and don't cause any trouble.

Now David Callish, the homeowner, looks after the cats. Source:

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