It is not known who has coined the saying "no good deed goes unpunished," but in reality it often happens quite the opposite. People who do kind deeds are often rewarded tenfold. The story of a poor boy from Karachi, Pakistan, proves it.

Pakistan is a poor Southern Asian country with the majority of population living below poverty line. Some Pakistani kids don't even have shoes just like this barefoot child who was wandering Karachi streets with his only friend, a mongrel named Jagu. The little owner shared everything with his doggie: food, clothing, and home. On cold days he would put his only sweater on the dog to keep him warm, and it was this care for the pet that has changed completely their lives.

Source: Mohammad Belaal Imran

One day a dog wearing a sweater caught the eye of a freelance filmmaker and photographer, Mohammad Belaal Imran, who was taking pictures of Karachi street life. The man began taking pictures of the unusual dog, and that's how he met his owner, a little boy.

Mohammad was surprised at how much the dog had bonded with his owner. As soon as he saw the boy, Jagu wagged his tail happily and ran to him. They played carefree in the street and seemed perfectly happy, although their life was not easy at all.

Source: Mohammad Belaal Imran

The picture of the boy and his dog was shared on social media, and the story of their life touched the hearts of millions around the world. Suhaib Jamal Nasir, a Canadian of Pakistani descent and Mohammad's friend, decided to help the child and started a fundraiser to support him.

His goal was to raise at least $10,000 for the boy and his pet to give them a decent life. He donated a third of the amount himself, and the rest was donated by kind people. They donated from $25 to $50 each, so it took quite a long time to collect the entire amount.

A year later, Suhaib flew with the money to Karachi and met the boy, recording their conversation. As it's turned out, the boy has a father, two older brothers, and a little sister. One of his brothers sells flowers on the street, and the other sells dolls, but they already have families of their own, so the boy has to earn money himself. He also sells dolls on the street and washes cars. That's how he earns about 100 to 200 Pakistani rupees a day ($0.5–1). He spends all this money on food for himself and his dog, trying to feed Jagu the best he can afford. When Jagu was a puppy, the boy used to buy him milk, but now he tries to feed him with meat. Both of them need at least 130–150 Pakistani rupees for one meal, so the boy has no extra clothes or toys.

The boy doesn't attend school, but his mom tries to teach him to write and read. The boy would prefer to go to school, but he hasn't had that opportunity.

Now, thanks to Suhaib's help, the boy's life has changed. He finally started attending school and has nice clothes and shoes, as well as toys and books. His family is no longer hungry and he doesn't have to wash cars to earn his lunch.


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