One evening a homeowner spotted a small stain on the ceiling. The woman ran her finger over it and realized that real honey was starting to come through the paint. The woman was smart enough to call experts so that they could remove the ceiling panel.

Source: YouTube screenshot

The woman later recounted that she often noticed bees around the house. There were a few hives nearby, so she did not pay much attention to the insects.

Source: YouTube screenshot

But that night the woman saw honey stains on the chandelier. A muffled buzzing could also be heard inside the ceiling. So finally she realized that something had to be done with the bees. The expert in protective suit removed the ceiling panel behind which he discovered the ten-month-old hive weighing 110lb and holding 60,000 bees.

Source: YouTube screenshot

And there was at lot of  free natural unmodified honey:

The insects have been relocated by specialists. The ruined ceiling was replaced.


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