Mom-of-four Katie Marie shared photos of her belly taken before and after the delivery. Katie has recently welcomed her second set of twins and become a mom of four kids.

Katie Marie is a TikTok blogger who regularly shares parenting stories with almost 80,000 subscribers. This time, she decided to demonstrate that a pregnant belly after labor doesn't disappear in the blink of an eye as many people think for some reason.

The "after" photo was taken a couple of days after the twins had been born. And it turned out that Marie's belly is still very far from the ideal one.

Source: TikTok screenshot

Numerous subscribers praised Katie for her courage and honesty. "This is what the truth looks like," one person wrote. "You are beautiful. In fact, your postpartum belly looks even better than it usually does. People (especially men) just aren't used to seeing it," another user wrote.

Another woman said, "Thanks for sharing! My belly looks exactly the same after having twins. I was very upset about it, but I don't feel so lonely anymore!"

However, there were a few TikTok users who were taken aback by this sight. "No literally before TikTok I thought your stomach immediately went down. I didn’t know it was a gradual process."

In fact, the post-partum belly returns to normal in about 6 to 8 weeks after labor. It deflates naturally, but wearing a special bandage belt and some exercising may be beneficial. On average, a woman loses about 13lb just after the delivery.


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