Unfortunately, we can't choose our neighbors. Indeed, if we could, our life would be much better. No wonder that the topic of nasty neighbors is so heated on the Internet. Not long ago a redditor has complained about his neighbor putting his trash can on the street to keep cars from parking in front of his house.

Source: YouTube screenshot

The way the man keeps people from touching his trash can is absolutely heinous. No wonder that everyone on Reddit was disgusted at this revelation. In fact, the man wraps soiled masks around the handle to deter people from moving it.

The redditor wrote in the post, "It's all public parking lot and he's not physically disabled.... Oh, and the dirty masks wrapped around the handle are to keep people from moving it."

Source: Reddit

The post has been flooded with comments from Internet users, all expressing the same resentment.

"Those "soiled" masks are....HIGHLY disturbing, holy crap. I really want that to be peanut butter, but I'm thinking by the rage in which those masks were applied to the garbage can....probably not," one person wrote.

Source: Reddit

Another redditor wrote, "Surprised the garbage collectors haven’t tossed the entire bin into the back of their truck."

"Wrap the whole thing in plastic wrap and dump it onto his lawn," reads one of the most popular comments.

Source: reddit.com

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