Felicia Davey was only 11 years old when she learned the shocking news that she was pregnant. The baby's father, her friend's 14-year-old brother, was as unaware as Felicia that sex could have consequences, and was unprepared for a baby even more than the mother-to-be. Being ashamed of this situation, the girl's parents insisted on an abortion.

"I didn't really understand what sex and pregnancy were, and they kept talking about an abortion. There was lots of pressure on me, but I firmly said: "I feel like I don't want to do it," Felicia recalls. According to Davey, she didn't know what kind of future awaited her, but she felt she had to protect the baby. Even though everyone around her thought it was a bad idea, she was determined to keep the baby. When her boyfriend's parents found out about the pregnancy, they immediately moved to another city, and Felicia was left alone to cope with everyone's disapproval.

Felicia and Samantha. Source: The Sun

Felicia was raised by her 80-year-old grandma. The girl's mother was on and off for long periods of time, and her father worked a lot. According to Felicia, she was an excellent student, an obedient and generally happy child, but she had no trustworthy adult who could explain what love, relationships, and appropriate behavior meant.

Felicia moved in with her mother and sister for her pregnancy. Two weeks before her twelfth birthday, she welcomed a baby girl, whom she named Samantha. The young mother never returned to school.

Felicia and Samantha. Source: The Sun

A few years later, Felicia's mother was arrested for keeping drugs, and her daughters and granddaughter were taken away by child welfare system. The foster family helped the young mother with her child. Felicia was able to return to school and graduate at the age of 17. After that, the girl joined Child Haven, a charity that provides young people in trouble with housing and jobs. So Felicia and Samantha moved into a council home, got a job as a janitor, and enrolled at the University of Alabama.

Felicia was unable to finish her studies because she welcomed her second child, son William, at the age of 20. However, her marriage with the father of her second child did not last for a long time, only for five months, and Felicia was left alone again with two kids. William saw his dad occasionally, while Samantha met hers only once, at the age of 8.

Samantha with her kids. Source: The Sun

In 2008, while living in a council home provided by Child Haven Felicia met Michael. The man had a hard start in life too, so he has become Felicia's soulmate and sweetheart. The couple has three kids, sons Kellan and Brentley and daughter Harley. In 2013, Felicia and Michael tied the knot. It's amazing that Davey has recently become a grandmother. Her eldest daughter Samantha has got married and welcomed her own kids.

Felicia's large family. Source: The Sun

Felicia says that she and Samantha are best friends who share their innermost thoughts with each other. Despite the family's financial difficulties and the need to help her mother with the younger kids, Samantha has got a good education and found a job as a beautician. She met her love and got married, and then became a mother, making Felicia's dreams of a bright future for her daughter come true.

Felicia and Samantha are best friends. Source: The Sun

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