It is usually cats who resent locked doors, but there are some dogs are also good at getting on their owners' nerves by scratching at locked doors. For instance, this little French Bulldog seemed to be too nosy but in fact, he wanted to save the baby's life.

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That day the little baby girl felt unwell. She had caught a cold, so she couldn't breathe properly and was crying all day long. So when her mother finally managed to put the baby to bed, all the family tiptoed past the nursery. What was the wpman's indignation when Henry the dog decided to intrude on the privacy of her daughter! Sniffing and clawing loudly, the dog came up to the nursery door and began to push it with his whole little body to open it.

Source: Legion Media

The woman ran to the noise and took the doggie away, but he came back again. He bumped at the door with his little body as if all the canine treasures of the world were behind it. The owner tried to get rid of the bothering dog, but he came back again and tried to open the door. Finally, his attempts were successful. The lock on the door handle was faulty, and it gave way fairly quickly. The dog immediately ran inside.

The woman ran in after her pet to keep him from waking up her daughter. "A sick child needs a sound sleep," she thought. But when the woman entered the room, she knew at once that something was wrong. The girl's breathing sounded strange, labored, and painful. She rushed to the crib and saw that her little daughter's face was blue.

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The woman immediately grabbed her daughter and the dog. The four of them raced at full speed to the nearest hospital. The dog attracted their attention just in time. The little girl survived and the incident passed without consequences. The doctors rinsed the baby's airway and left her at hospital until morning.

Source: Legion Media

The woman couldn't get over the shock. She was so grateful to Henry because the clever dog had been able to hear that something was wrong with the little girl before her parents realized it. Henry the dog saved the girl's life and his owner had been so unfair to him. Now she would have to buy him twice as many Christmas gifts to make up for her misunderstanding.


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