More than a century ago, a hundred people were forgotten in a small island located in the middle of the Pacific. The islanders were not remembered until seven years later. At that time the mainland authorities were eager to find out how the colonists were doing, a ship was sent for them.

Clipperton Island is an uninhabited, 2.3 sq mi coral atoll in the eastern Pacific Ocean which was discovered 300 years ago. Although it is an overseas state private property of France, it was the subject of a sovereignty dispute in particular between France and Mexico.


In the early 20th century, a lighthouse was erected on the island, and a mining settlement was built there in conjunction with the Mexican government.

By 1914, around 100 people; men, women, and children, were living there, resupplied every two months by a ship from Acapulco. However, as the Mexican Revolution broke out, the regular resupply visits ceased, and the inhabitants were left to fend for themselves.


The island was not considered the best place in terms of agriculture, nor was it the best place for fishing, as its surrounding waters were infested with large sharks. 

Later, there was a terrible storm on the island that destroyed all the vegetable gardens. The food supply available to the inhabitants was very scarce.


By 1917, all but one of the male inhabitants had died. Many had perished from scurvy, while others died during an attempt to sail after a passing ship to fetch help. The lighthouse keeper was the last man on the island, together with 15 women and children. He proclaimed himself 'king', and began a campaign of rape and murder, before being killed by the woman who was his favourite victim. Almost immediately after his death, four women and seven children, the last survivors, were picked up by the US Navy gunship Yorktown on 18 July 1917.


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