Archaeologists often conduct excavations in Egypt since the ancient Egyptian civilization left behind numerous incredible artifacts. The Egyptian Saqqara is known for its magnificent finds which once belonged to legendary pharaohs.

A team of archeologists, including a famous Egyptologist and former Egyptian Minister of Antiquities Zahi Hawasshas, has recently discovered an unusual pyramid which belonged to a previously unknown queen.

Inside the pyramid there were sarcophagi, mummies and several tunnels. The artifacts were discovered in Saqqara, an excavation site in Giza. Researchers have identified that the queen's name was Neith.

Pyramid of Djoser in Saqqara, Egypt. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Zahi Hawasshas said that Neith had never been in historical records. So the country will have to add a new monarch to its history.

It is believed that the coffins and mummies may have belonged to the generals and advisers of King Tutankhamun. A pyramid nearby has also caught the attention of archaeologists. According to the researchers, it might have belonged to King Teti, who ruled during the Sixth Dynasty of ancient Egypt. In that period, kings were worshipped as gods so it comes as no surprise that top officials wanted to be buried near the pharaohs.

Tutankhamun's golden mask. Source: Wikimedia Commons

At the same time most burials found at the site were from the Old Kingdom. Only recently the researchers have managed to find 22 interconnected mines, ranging in depth from 30 to 60 feet containing the burials only from the New Kingdom.

In addition, a huge limestone sarcophagus was found in the Teti's pyramid. And this is not the only valuable find. Archaeologists found well-preserved mummies along with artifacts such as the game of Senet, statues of ancient gods and various figurines.

"It wasn't previously known that New Kingdom burials were common in the area, so this is an absolutely unique site," the archaeologists say.

They also note that various people were depicted on the sarcophagi. The coffins are decorated with scenes from the Book of the Dead and have the inscriptions with the names of the deceased.


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