It is said you can't choose your parents, siblings, or your kids, but you can choose your friends. And these two have chosen each other. Sappy is a young one-year-old cat and Dakota is a 15-year-old chestnut horse. What they have in common is still unknown, but the owner of the animals, Denice Kinney, says that from the moment she got Sappy the little kitten has never parted with the horse. That's what animal friendship is all about.

Meet best friends Sappy and Dakota

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"Anyone who knows horses realizes that horse…could kill that cat with one step or one bite, but he is gentle with that cat and always has been," the owner of the adorable duo says.

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Dakota treats Sappy very gently.

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"That cat is in his stall every day during feeding time, and after feed time, I always set on that container, and here the cute couple comes. If I go riding, that cat goes along as a dog would!" Denice says.

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Sappy the cat also likes to snooze on the horse's back and sometimes play with her!

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