It's amazing that Heather Tookie from South Africa was able to rescue a cheetah cub from poachers. She nursed it back to health and wanted to release it into the wild. However, the animal would not leave. The cheetah stayed with his foster mom forever and now behaves like a big, kind cat.


A few years ago, Heather took a volunteer job at the Cheetah Sanctuary in South Africa. There she was surprised to learn that the animals she raised were then sold to wealthy people for hunting.

Source: YouTube screenshot

Heather immediately told mass media about the cruel business. She also raised money and bought all the animals back from the organization. The cheetahs were released into the wild, but one of them, the smallest cub that Heather was taking care of, refused to leave.

Eventually, the woman decided to keep the baby cheetah. He grew up a very affectionate animal. Cheetahs can be trained, so their behavior resembles dogs. The South African police even use them sometimes instead of working dogs.


Now Heather's tame cheetah lives in an enclosure near her home. She doesn't think that her unusual pet would ever return to the savannah.


Heather, on the other hand, continues her volunteer work. She plans to close down all the illegal wildlife shelters in South Africa.


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