When Bernita and Roy tied the knot, they were so happy. They dreamed of a large and close-knit family, and did their best to save up for a big house. One day Bernita learnt a great piece of news – she was going to become a mom. But their happiness didn't last for a long time...

The beautiful baby boy was born, but, unfortunately, he lived for only several hours because of congenital condition. Of course, it was a terrible blow to the couple, but they got over it and moved on. Alas, the same happened to their second baby. Thus, the woman decided that something was wrong with her, and therefore no longer thought about children. Instead, the couple adopted a beautiful black cat, which they named Midnight.

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The pet brightened up the life of the family, but after a while there was another surprise. Bernita conceived for the third time. It comes as no surprise that the couple was preparing for the worst, but this time the baby, who was named Stacy, was born perfectly healthy. Bernita and Roy finally breathed a sigh of relief when they saw their beautiful baby girl! It seemed as if Bernita, Roy, and their whole home were filled with joy and happiness. And Midnight spent all her time with the baby since she loved her little human so much.

A month later Stacy caught a cold. Bernita immediately took the girl to the doctor, but he said that there was nothing to worry about since the disease wasn't serious. Having brushed aside all worries, the woman went home.

That evening the family had guests, Bernita's parents. Stacy had fallen asleep by the evening, so Bernita took her to the nursery, put her in her crib with Midnight, who was sleeping there, and went downstairs to her husband and the guests. An hour later the cat came to the living room behaving very strangely. The pet was restless. She jumped on Bernita's lap, then came down. And though Midnight had never behaved in such a way before, no one paid any attention to it. Realizing that she was getting nowhere, the cat ran away.

As soon as the family had the little girl, they bought a special device – a baby monitor. This a useful thing for a large home since it allows parents to hear when their baby wakes up and starts to cry. So, Bernita suddenly heard on the baby monitor...no, not the baby's crying, but Midnight's desperate meowing. The woman and her husband rushed to the nursery only to see Stacy struggling to breathe. The illness turned out to be much more serious than it first appeared.

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Fortunately, Stacy survived. Her mom took to the hospital from which she was discharged a perfectly healthy girl. It turns out that the baby owes her life to Midnight the cat, her best friend. If the pet had not started meowing loudly in the device, the parents would not have heard that their daughter needed urgent help.

Source: pulse.com

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