Two years ago Danielle got a small rabbit from her boyfriend as a birthday gift. However, the pet began to grow too fast. In a short time, the rabbit has grown larger than a dog, and at night he goes to the doorway and tries to guard the house.


The woman got the pet bunny for her birthday. The salesman assured her boyfriend that it was an ordinary domestic rabbit. But the pet started behaving in a strange way. Actually, his habits were very similar to a dog which was quite unexpected.


Guus the rabbit has become attached to his owner and started begging for walks. Danielle has to walk him on a leash like a real dog. Guus' size is also off the charts, now he weighs 22lb.


"One night I woke up and Guus was sitting at the door like a guard. He also runs like a dog," Danielle said.


It seems that the girl got the Flemish Giant. These rabbits can grow real giants:

However, it is not so difficult to take care of them. Guus is the sweetest creature on Earth. He likes cuddles and is constantly begging for his owner's attention.


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