Not long ago John Proctor bought a 318sqf apartment and carried out ingenious renovations. He divided its the space in such a way that it doubled. Watch the video of the apartment inside.

Source: YouTube screenshot

The tiny apartment is located in a 19th Century Victorian building space that is why it has an important advantage – high ceilings. That's what Proctor decided to work with. He broke the space into two floors, making the apartment a duplex.

Source: YouTube screenshot

The entire lower floor features open-plan dining living room, cabinets, and kitchen, which takes up minimum space because it is built into the wall. Narrow but roomy drawers are placed all around the perimeter, which enable to put all the things there.

Source: YouTube screenshot

The upper floor is accessed by a narrow staircase. Here a king-sized bed takes up all the space.

Source: YouTube screenshot

The author of the project has also made a detailed video of the unusual apartment:

Even a seemingly small space can be used wisely.


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