How can a mom choose between her children? However, one woman faced exactly such a situation. Two decades ago Dawn Voris, 60, from Indiana, was forced to make the most controversial decision in her life. So far, not a single day passes by without her thinking about its consequences.

Twenty years ago Dawn, then 37, and her husband Clint lived happily but had serious financial difficulties. And one day Dawn found out that she got pregnant. The woman had mixed feelings about this piece of news. On the one hand, she was overjoyed at the prospect of becoming a mom, but on the other hand raising two babies frightened her.

"Looking at my husband Clint I knew the same thought was running through his mind. How could we possibly afford two babies?"

Dawn pregnant with her twins. Source:

The couple was struggling to pay their bills. Moreover, both Dawn and Clint were at risk of being made redundant, and their families already helped them a great deal.

Day in day out Dawn was thinking about how she would give these babies a decent life. She even couldn’t eat properly, sleep or focus on her work. The couple decided not to tell anyone that they were going to have twins.

At 5 months Clint and Dawn visited a private adoption agency. Having qualms about if they were acting right, the couple finally chose the adoptive family. After that Dawn had to decide on which baby to keep and on which baby to give away forever.

"It was an impossible choice, and I knew I couldn’t wait until they were born to make it," Dawn says. "So, I decided that the second baby to be born would go to the new family."

When Mikayla and Becky were born by Caesarean, the woman kept everything secret. The only person who knew about the twins was her husband. Dawn only managed to hold Becky's hand for a moment before giving her away. Since then, Dawn has struggled with the reality of her decision. She was eventually diagnosed with postnatal depression and had to undergo a yearlong treatment.

Newborn Mikayla. Source:

Times continued to be hard for the family. Dawn and Clint both lost their jobs and, when Mikayla was four, they filed for bankruptcy.

Dawn and Mikayla. Source:

"Through it all Mikayla brought so much joy to my life, but Becky was never far from my mind," Dawn confesses.

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Dawn and Mikayla. Source:

When Mikayla was 19, Dawn was contacted by Birth Parent Finder. It turned out that Becky wanted to find her biological mother. At that moment Dawn started to hope that she would regain her second daughter, but she didn't knew what the future had in store for her…

So, Dawn, Mikayla, and Becky met in a café for the first time in twenty years. Becky was very calm and eager to know the answers to lots of questions including why she was put up for adoption. Mikayla, now a 21-year-old dog groomer, tried to get to know her sibling.

Dawn and Mikayla. Source:

Dawn, Mikayla, and Becky finally reunited. Source:

"Watching them both talk and laugh together and look like two-peas-in-a-pod, was amazing," Dawn remembers.

On hugging Mikayla close, Dawn breathed a sigh of relief. Finally she knew that her second daughter was doing well.


However, after that meeting Becky refused further communication. According to Dawn, Becky might have felt rejected or she might not have believed that money was the reason for putting her up for adoption. Anyway, now Dawn and Mikayla are heartbroken. Dawn has lost her daughter for the second time and she still thinks of Becky every day.


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