Nowadays everyone strives to look as youthful as possible. So, the compliment 'you don’t look your age' might be one of the most pleasant things to hear for both men and women.

Recently, Ella Sky, a TikTok blogger, has shared her actual age with her 137,200 followers.

Source: TikTok screenshot

The mom-of-three has revealed that she is 58 years old in her video with a caption "Ahh!!! Shocks them every time."


Ahh !!! Shocks them every time 🧚🏽‍♂️✨#fyp #foryoupage #foryou

♬ original sound - I LIKE TO THINKLESS .

In the video Sky said: "When people find out that I am 58-years-old" and started screaming.

People think that Ella is much younger than her real age. This comes as no surprise since she looks just gorgeous. In the video, Ella's look is stunning. She wears a low cut top, some chunky jewelry, long blond hair and beautiful makeup. Fake nails and long lashes complete the look. She doesn't look like a 58-year-old single mom-of-three, doesn't she?

Moreover, according to Sky, she is showered with messages from young men who are desperate to take her out.

Source: TikTok screenshot

"Trust me…[you] can’t handle me," Ella says.

This jaw-dropping video has racked up a whopping 621.6k views, 35k likes, and 1,110 comments and 368 shares in just one week.

Some TikTok users didn't believe Ella while others were eager to learn Ella’s secret of eternal youth and to find out her beauty routine.

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"Yessss to us ladies in our 50’s," another woman added.

A third commented: "Nope don't believe you…"

"I need the undereye care routine," another said.

Meanwhile, one user joked: "I know I'm not the only one who thought it was gonna say a MAN."


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