One day wildlife rehabilitator Carrie Long received a call about an injured raccoon baby which was spotted in a rainstorm. Long arrived at the recue scene just in time since the 3-week-old baby was cold, wet, and hungry. For some reason he had been abandoned by his mom, so Long couldn't but take him to her nonprofit Texas Fawn and Friends.

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"He had just had his eyes opened and he was just the cutest little thing ever," Carrie told.

She called the baby raccoon Jasper and nursed him back to health. Jasper wouldn't leave Long's side, so the woman decided to keep him at her shelter forever.

"Jasper is such a sweet baby boy. He's so sweet, so affectionate. He even drinks milk from a bottle very cute, holding it with his little paws."

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Long specializes in rescuing orphaned deer and there are many of them in the shelter. However, Jasper has made friends only with one fawn named Hope.

Hope the fawn came to the center soon after Jasper. She lost her mom at a very young age that's why she needed love and care.

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A strong friendship has formed between Jasper and Hope. According to Long, Jasper is madly in love with Hope. When he sees her and immediately runs to her to hug and lick her.

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Jasper is like an annoying little brother who never leaves Hope alone.

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Their friendship is beautiful, it makes you believe in love, even when between the creatures who are very different.

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Watch Jasper giving his best friend a sweet hug:


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