When people want get a dog or a cat, they often go to an animal shelter. At the same time, some people want a purebred pet which, of course, do not abound in shelters. But sometimes truly unique specimens can be found there. The main thing is to see the potential!

Back in 1987, a seemingly ordinary pregnant cat ended up in one of Montana shelters. Soon the kitty gave birth to four cute kittens, one of which had a curly coat of blue-and-white color and unusual hair on ears.

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The kitten was growing up, and his coat stood out more and more from his siblings. The vets wondered what influenced the special curly hair, but could not figure out the exact cause. So, they had to consult Jeri Newman, a breeder of Persian cats.

After examining the baby, she concluded that it was definitely not a Persian. But the kitten's unusual appearance intrigued her. The woman kept the kitty, naming it Miss DiPesto.

As the cat grew older, Jeri introduced her to a Persian male cat. Soon the pair produced a litter of kittens with curly hair. And then the breeder realized that the gene responsible for curls was dominant, therefore, there was an opportunity to develop a new breed of cats.

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Thus, the kitten born to an ordinary shelter cat, became the ancestor of a very rare breed of Selkirk Rex, whose kittens are now worth a lot of money.

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So, thanks to the woman's wits, it was possible to breed a beautiful and very human-attached species, characterized by an easy-going nature, friendliness, and longevity. The Selkirk Rex often lives up to 20 years!

Source: pulse.com

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