All a senior man wanted was drink a glass of cold white wine, smoke a cigarette, and watch the sunset. For many of us, these everyday pleasures are taken for granted. But for Carsten Flemming Hansen, 75, this was his last request.

Hansen was admitted to a hospital in Denmark in early April with an aortic aneurysm. Surgery to repair an aortic aneurysm is long and complicated and often requires staying in the hospital for days after the procedure.

Hansen was too weak for surgery, but he couldn't live more than a few hours without it because of internal bleeding caused by the aneurysm. Staying in his ward in the hospital, and knowing he didn't have more than a few hours left, Hansen told his nurses he wanted to enjoy his last moments with a glass of cold white wine and a cigarette watching the sunset.

The hospital staff were able to find white wine, and fortunately, Hansen's ward had a balcony. However, there was a problem with smoking. Aarhus University hospital where Hansen stayed has a strict no-smoking policy to ensure the health and well-being of its patients, but Hansen's nurse defied regulations to grant the patient a 'dignified' death.

Source: Facebook

Hansen was wheeled out on to the balcony with a glass of cold white wine and a cigarette. The man had a few quiet moments to enjoy his last sunset with his family.

"It was a very cosy and relaxed atmosphere," said nurse Rikke Kvist. "Of course, there were relatives also affected by the fact he was going to die, and they were sad."

The nurses shared the story on Facebook, and received support and admiration for their kindness.

"This is the way it should be, I wish I could have done this for my dad," one user wrote.

"You're not just a hospital, but a place where people can still dream, even if life doesn't give them more opportunities," said another.

"In these times posts like this restore faith in people's kindness. I wish the Hansen family all the best in these difficult times," another user wrote.

After having his final wish garnted, Hansen passed away peacefully on April 28.


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