Best friends. Source: YouTube screenshot

"Brought Together By Fate": Calf And Tortoise Become Best Friends Despite Their Differences

10:00 12.06.23
Bryan Baker and his catch. Source: ODWC screenshot

"State Record": Angler Catches Huge 118-Pound "Pesky" Bighead Carp In Oklahoma

01:00 12.06.23
Octopus. Source: YouTube screenshot

Scientists Have Filmed What Octopuses Look Like When They Are Having Bad Dreams, Video

16:00 11.06.23
The Great Dane. Source: video screenshot

Took Two Seats At Once: Dog The Size Of A Horse Travels By Plane

14:00 11.06.23
Gorilla is looking at the baby. Source: YouTube screenshot

Woman Showed Gorilla Her Baby And In Response The Furry Mama Brought Her Baby To Show It To Humans Too

12:00 11.06.23
Lucky the dog was found on train tracks. Source: Facebook screenshot

Found On Train Tracks This Doggie Who Cannot Walk Regains Taste For Life After His Ordeal

04:00 11.06.23
Ricochet the surf dog. Source: YouTube screenshot

Therapy Surf Dog Enjoys Well-Deserved Rest After A Lifetime Serving People In Need

02:00 11.06.23
Diamond the Chihuahua. Source: video screenshot

"Life Of Luxury": Woman Turns Her Pet Dog Into A Real Star

14:00 10.06.23
This Little Dog Loves Flowers So Much That He Stops To Sniff Each One He Sees

This Little Dog Loves Flowers So Much That He Stops To Sniff Each One He Sees

12:00 10.06.23
Gray parrot. Source: YouTube screenshot

Family's Parrot Comes Back Home After Being Missing For Four Years: He Returns Speaking Spanish

22:00 09.06.23
Trevor with a therapy dog. Source: Twitter screenshot

Forced To Give Up His Dog, This Senior Man Gets His Joy Back When He Meets A Therapy German Shepherd

20:00 09.06.23
Mike Mitchell with his Shih Tzu Chance. Source: YouTube screenshot

This Man And His Dog Have Walked The Distance Equivalent To Lap Around The Earth In The Past 8 Years, Video

18:00 09.06.23
Baby muskox. Source: YouTube screenshot

Baby Muskox Miraculously Survives Thanks To Humans

12:00 09.06.23
Cats and dogs can be friends. Source: YouTube screenshot

Nine dog breeds that get along well with cats

11:30 09.06.23
Tiny possum. Source: YouTube screenshot

Couple Finds A Tiny Possum That Has Fallen Off Its Mom's Back And Tries To Tame It

10:00 09.06.23
Peggy and Molly. Source: YouTube screenshot

Pittie Rescued A Weak Magpie: Now The Bird Thinks She's A Dog

04:00 09.06.23
Susie Elliott and her dog mansion. Source: Mirror screenshot

"All For My Pets": Woman Builds A Canine Mansion In Her Home For Her Pet Dogs

10:00 08.06.23
Casper the cat lives on the street with his owner. Source: lovemeow screenshot

Homeless Man Nursed A Weak Kitten Back To Health And The Kitty Became His Only Friend

02:00 08.06.23
Bea the cat. Source: The Dodo screenshot

Good Deed: Cat Lives And Works In A Vet Clinic Where Her Mission Is To Comfort Weak Animals

18:00 07.06.23
Ruby the dog is comforting the rescue kitten. Source: YouTube screenshot

"Don't Be Afraid, I'm Here For You": On Seeing A Frightened Kitten Dog Comes Running To Pat Him On The Head

12:00 07.06.23