Kathryn the cat with her pups. Source: Facebook screenshot

Cat Lost Her Kittens But Became A Mom To Orphaned Puppies

02:00 07.06.23
Chabakeaw the elephant came to her rescuer Pichet Noonto. Source: YouTube screenshot

Lonely And Sad Baby Elephant Rejected By Her Herd Returns To Her Rescuer

16:00 06.06.23
Pepperoni the pup and his rescuers. Source: petpop screenshot

Girl Spends All The Money She's Been Gifted On Help For A Stray Dog

14:00 06.06.23
Ryder doesn't have back paws. Source: YouTube screenshot

Thanks To The Kindness Of People German Shepherd Gets Artificial Legs And Learns To Walk For The First Time

12:00 06.06.23
Thor the Corgi with his little sisters. Source: The Dodo screenshot

Caring Corgi Won't Leave His Family's Newborn Twins' Side

04:00 06.06.23
Tabby cat. Source: YouTube screenshot

Man For Whom Living With A Cat Was Out Of The Question Becomes A Cat Person The Day A Stray Kitty Gives Birth In His Garden

02:00 06.06.23
Thelma Ashley. Source: Facebook

Granny Deemed "Too Old" Is Devastated When She Is Told She Cannot Adopt A Dog

14:00 05.06.23
Mochi the cat and her stuffed frogs. Source: Instagram screenshot

This Rescue Сat Collects Stuffed Frogs To Her Great Delight

12:00 05.06.23
Adorable family of bobcats has found the best shelter. Source: YouTube screenshot

"Best Neighbors": Guy Discovers A Family Of Bobcats On The Roof Of His New House

03:00 05.06.23
Boy, his mom, and their foster pup. Source: people screenshot

A 6-Year-Old Boy Writes Touching Letters To Tell Pup's Adopters That The Dog His Family Fosters Is "The Best Dog Ever"

01:00 05.06.23
Gus the Bulldog and Lucky the Chicken. Source: TikTok screenshot

Wonderful Friendship Between English Bulldog And Chicken Brings Happiness To Their Family, Video

20:00 04.06.23
Brilliant idea. Source: Stand for Strays screenshot

To Give Stray Animals Place To Sleep Man Created Shelter Out Of Billboards

10:00 04.06.23
Pals. Source: lovemeow screenshot

Two Orphaned Kittens With A Hard Start In Life Find Each Other In Shelter

22:00 03.06.23
Kitten and dog. Source: YouTube screenshot

Kitten Who Has Been Found Alone Learns What Friendship Means Thanks To Dogs, Video

12:00 03.06.23
Delta the pup. Source: Instagram

True Betrayal: Owners Dump Special Puppy On The Road And Drive Away

10:00 03.06.23
Luke the dog. Source: people

Shelter Throws An Adoption Party For This 200-Day Resident Dog But No One Shows Up To The Event

18:00 02.06.23
Cane Corso and his friend. Source: YouTube screenshot

"We Do It From The Bottom Of Our Heart": The Story Of The Giant Cane Corso Who Saves Dogs' Lives

15:00 02.06.23
Beautiful kitties. Source: Lovemeow screenshot

Four Orphaned Kittens Huddle Together To Keep Their Spirits Up And Overcome Difficulties

12:00 02.06.23
Bleu enjoying his last meal. Source: TikTok screenshot

"We've Almost Run Out Of Time": Woman Gives Her Dog The Best Goodbye

10:00 02.06.23
Adorable duo. Source: Instagram screenshot

Since Their First Meeting These Bolognese And Lovebird Have Enjoyed A Magical Relationship, Video

02:00 02.06.23