Sweet baby. Source: YouTube screenshot

Moving Into His New Home Man Hears A Kitten Crying On The Porch

16:00 01.06.23
Baby raccoon got stuck in a tangle. Source: YouTube screenshot

Baby Raccoon Got Trapped In A Basketball Net And His Mom Was On Edge Trying To Get To Her Kit

14:00 01.06.23
Emotional reunion. Source: YouTube screenshot

"Finally Together": Ducklings Happily Welcome Their Brother Who Spent Two Weeks In Hospital

12:00 01.06.23
Best friends. Source: YouTube screenshot

Puppy Won't Let Go Of The Kitten Rescued By His Owners

10:00 01.06.23
Sweet dreams. Source: Facebook screenshot

This Rescued Dog Born Without Front Legs Loves His Stuffed Toys More Than Anything Else In The World

20:00 31.05.23
Cat family. Source: YouTube screenshot

Young Mama Cat Helps Kitten Who Lost Its Mom And Hopes To Find Family For Life

16:00 31.05.23
Tom Antonino with his dog. Source: Facebook screenshot

"She Has To Live Life To The Fullest": Man Made A Bed On Wheels So That His Elderly Dog Could Go For A Walk

10:00 31.05.23
Pluto the dog. Source: Facebook

Shelter Resident For 7 Long Years, This Dog Finally Sees His Greatest Dream Come True

14:00 30.05.23
Shelter kitty. Source: YouTube screenshot

Woman Has Come Up With A Way To Quickly Find Forever Homes For Stray Cats And Save Their Lives

22:00 29.05.23
Kitten and donkey. Source: YouTube screenshot

Donkey Saves The Life Of A Stray Kitten And Becomes Its Mom

16:00 29.05.23
The cat who cannot see and his best friend. Source: lovemeow screenshot

Shelter Cat Finds The Best Friend Who Becomes His Seeing Eye

13:00 28.05.23
Source: Instagram screenshot

Dalmatian And Retriever Have Not Left Each Other's Side Since Their First Meeting

11:00 28.05.23
Poppy the dog. Source: fishki

This Dog Couldn't Walk But Found The Strength To Make It To The Sanctuary To Get Help

18:00 27.05.23
Rescuer and possum. Source: The Dodo screenshot

"Heroes Among Us": Despite Heavy Traffic Woman Comes To The Rescue Of A Wild Animal

16:00 27.05.23
Best friends. Source: The Dodo screenshot

Having Met In The Shelter Weak Puppy And Piglet Decided Never To Part Again

12:00 27.05.23
The bear. Source: YouTube screenshot

Man Comes To See The Orphaned Bear He Fostered

01:00 27.05.23
A pile of puppies. Source: TikTok screenshot

"Our Friendly Pack": Tiny Labradoodle Puppies Refuse To Part Even When Sleeping

21:00 26.05.23
Tiga the stolen pup and his owner Ash Morris. Source: Facebook screenshot

"I Listened To My Heart": Man Must Pay Ransom To Dognappers If He Ever Wants To See His Pet Again

17:00 26.05.23
Bobi the dog. Source: YouTube screenshot

Bobi The World's Oldest Dog Has Recently Celebrated His Birthday And His Age Breaks All Records

02:00 26.05.23
Man and his enthusiastic audience. Source: Twitter screenshot

Man Decides To Learn To Play The Saxophone And Finds Appreciative Audience

12:00 25.05.23