Bull Terrier. Source: YouTube screenshot

World's Meanest Dog Breed: It Looks Cute But Even The Rottweiler Is Half As Mean

15:00 24.05.23
The Fish Whisperer. Source: YouTube screenshot

Underwater World Through The Eyes Of Its Inhabitants: Guy Attached A Camera To A Turtle

10:00 24.05.23
Two eaglets. Source: boredpanda screenshot

Two Tiny Eaglets Fell Out Of The Nest But Their Predatory Mother Couldn't Help Them

21:00 23.05.23
Baby skunk. Source: Facebook screenshot

Orphaned Baby Skunk Gets A Chance At Life

17:00 23.05.23
Mike the dog and Lara. Source: petpop screenshot

Volunteer Had Spent Two Years Looking For Home For This Dog But Then Chose To Stop Trying

15:00 23.05.23
A huge litter of puppies. Source: YouTube screenshot

Dog Went Into Labor And Several Hours Later Her Owner Couldn't Believe Her Eyes When She Saw The Number Of Puppies

12:00 23.05.23
Peacock. Source: YouTube screenshot

Peacock With A Gorgeous Tail Lives In An Ordinary City Apartment

18:00 22.05.23
A bear cub. Source: YouTube screenshot

Fisherman Rescued A Bear Cub From The Water And The Next Day The Mother Bear Found Him

16:00 22.05.23
Best friends. Source: YouTube screenshot

Rescued Goose Is Absolutely Sure He's A Dog

10:00 22.05.23
Long-awaited reunion. Source: YouTube screenshot

Kids Back With Their Mom: Mother Dog Couldn't Contain Her Emotions When Being Reunited With Her Puppies

18:00 21.05.23
Dumped kittens. Source: YouTube screenshot

Woman Comes Across An Old Suitcase In The Park, Opens It And Becomes A Mom To Ten Kittens

15:00 21.05.23
Guesthouse with furry friends. Source: TikTok screenshot

Cozy Guesthouse Offers A Unique Concept That Combines Accomodation And Animal Rescue

03:00 21.05.23
Service dog. Source: YouTube screenshot

Years Later Dog Remembers Who It Was Abandoned By

01:00 21.05.23
Lionesses trying to bring down an elephant calf. Source: Daily Mail screenshot

Hungry Lions Tried To Bring Down An Elephant Calf But Its Elders Were Able To Resist The Predators

22:00 20.05.23
Annie the dog. Source: YouTube screenshot

"We Wanted To Brighten Up Her Last Days": Friends Give A Senior Dog A Chance At A Better Life

18:00 20.05.23
Puppy. Source: YouTube screenshot

Couple Takes A Puppy From Shelter But Immediately Returns: There Was Another Living Being In Need Of Care

12:00 20.05.23
The rescued kitty. Source: Instagram screenshot

Rescuing A Kitten Stuck In An Engine A Police Officer Falls In Love With The Baby

10:00 20.05.23
Kitty. Source: YouTube screenshot

"They Always Know": How Cats Figure Out Their Owners Are Coming Back Home

19:00 19.05.23
Labrador. Source: YouTube screenshot

Dog Lets Bear Near Garbage In Exchange For Deer Bones

17:00 19.05.23
The fox pup. Source: petpop screenshot

Risking His Life Boy Saves A Freezing Fox Pup And Finds Best Friend

19:00 18.05.23