Reagan the dog with her owner. Source: Instagram screenshot

"I Wasn't Prepared For It": On Learning That Her Parents Were Expecting A Baby, This Dog Couldn't Hide Emotions

12:00 18.05.23
Doggie. Source: YouTube screenshot

How Pets Affect Our Emotional State, Details

10:00 18.05.23
Orphaned goslings and the mama goose. Source: TikTok screenshot

"Surrounded With Love And Care": Goslings Were Left Alone But Mama Goose Accepted The Orphans As Her Own

22:00 17.05.23
The rescued pups. Source: The Dodo screenshot

"We Heard A Baby Crying": Puppies Live In An Abandoned House Waiting For Someone To Rescue Them

17:00 17.05.23
Poor kitty. Source: YouTube screenshot

Whole Bunch Of Puppies Gang Up On A Cat To Express Their Feelings

15:00 17.05.23
Lexie and her cockapoo. Source: Instagram screenshot

Woman Rescues A Puppy Thrown Out Of Car: The Pooch Repays Her One Year Later

11:00 17.05.23
Siggi the pup. Source: YouTube screenshot

Thanks To A Miraculous Operation, This Puppy Born With Upside-Down Paws Can Finally Learn To Walk

20:00 16.05.23
Daddy and his baby. Source: YouTube screenshot

"I'll Always Be There For You": 20-Year-Old Is Raising Daughter On His Own After She Was Abandoned By Her Mom

16:00 16.05.23
Dogs come to see off their friend. Source: YouTube screenshot

Last Walk In A Good Company: More Than Thirty Dogs Come To See Their Friend Off On Her Final Journey

14:00 16.05.23
Pigeons. Source: YouTube screenshot

Man Buys A Bird Feeder And Turns His Neighbor's Life Into A Nightmare

20:30 15.05.23
The rescued kittens. Source: lovemeow screenshot

Wonder Kitten And His Sister Born Days Apart Reunited In A Foster Home

18:00 15.05.23
The German Shepherd with lion cubs. Source: YouTube screenshot

German Shepherd Nurses Two Lion Cubs Rejected By Their Mother

16:00 15.05.23
Dog stuck in a rabbit hole. Source: petpop screenshot

Dog Stuck In A Rabbit Hole Spends 5 Days Underground Without Food And Water

14:00 15.05.23
The gang. Source: YouTube screenshot

Guy Hears A Strange Noise At His Front Door And Sees A Whole Gang Waiting For Him On The Porch

11:00 15.05.23
The Beagle. Source: YouTube screenshot

Family Receives An Unexpected Call From A Veterinary Clinic About Their Beagles Who Have Been Missing For 3 Years

21:00 14.05.23
The girl and her pet duck. Source: YouTube screenshot

Little Girl Befriends A Duck, And Now They Are Inseparable

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Happy pups. Source: The Dodo screenshot

Woman Makes Dogs Happy By Opening An Unusual Café With Free Treats And Fresh Water

17:00 14.05.23
The German Shepherd. Source: YouTube screenshot

Expectant Mama Dog Rescued From The Street Welcomes A Puppy With A Green Coat

21:00 13.05.23
A huge underwater sinkhole. Source: YouTube screenshot

Unknown Blue Hole Discovered Off The Mexican Coast: Camera Lowered To 900 Ft Could Not Reach Its Bottom

20:30 13.05.23
Dog got stuck in a tree. Source: YouTube screenshot

Curiosity Backfires: Dog Gets Stuck In A Tree And Can't Get Her Head Out

15:00 13.05.23