15-year-old Bongo the Labrador. Source: Instagram screenshot

Elderly Dog Sees The Sea Again Years Later And Can't Contain His Emotions

04:00 13.05.23
The newlyweds. Source: The Dodo screenshot

Senior Pit Bull Couple Who Has Been Through A Lot Is "Married" At A Shelter

21:00 12.05.23
Old crates. Source: trendymen

Boxes Of Potatoes Remained Intact In The Warehouse For 80 Years: What Potatoes Look And Taste Like 80 Years Later

14:00 12.05.23
Best friends. Source: YouTube screenshot

Having Grown Up With A Horse, This Dog Was Separated From His Best Friend For Years: Their Touching Reunion Years Later

10:00 12.05.23
A big family. Source: YouTube screenshot

Mother Goose Gathers 47 Goslings And Takes Care Of Them As If They Were All Her Own Babies

21:00 11.05.23
Bunnies and their baby sister. Source: The Dodo screenshot

Love At First Sight: Couple Of Bunnies Mistook A Newborn Girl For Their Daughter

17:00 11.05.23
King the dog. Source: YouTube screenshot

Fateful Meeting: Special Needs Homeless Dog Meets His Angel Who Gives Him A Chance At A Better Life

12:00 11.05.23
Happy couple. Source: Facebook screenshot

75-Year-Old Grandpa Helps Raise $30,000 In Two Days By Putting Cats To Bed

20:00 10.05.23
Taawi the bunny. Source: YouTube screenshot

Bunny Makes It Into The Guinness World Records By Doing 20 Tricks In A Minute

19:30 10.05.23
Little Roberta the donkey and her new family. Source: YouTube screenshot

"Together We Are One Family": Two Caring Sheep Raise An Orphaned Donkey

15:30 10.05.23
Maple June the cat. Source: TikTok screenshot

Rescue Shelter Cat Finally Gets Her First Own Bed After Having A Hard Start In Life, Video

20:30 09.05.23
Baye Pigors and her baboons. Source: YouTube screenshot

Woman Ditches Her Glamorous Lifestyle To Take Care Of Monkeys Who Lost Their Mom

19:00 09.05.23
Bonded siblings. Source: lovemeow screenshot

Kittens Were Huddling Together And Peering In The Window With Hungry Eyes

12:00 09.05.23
Lifelong friends. Source: petpop screenshot

Beautiful Union: Wild Lynx And Domestic Cat Have Grown Up Together And Are Still Inseparable

23:00 08.05.23
Source: YouTube screenshot

Scientists Рroved That Dogs Help People Cope With Numerous Conditions, Details

20:00 08.05.23
An unexpected find. Source: The Dodo screenshot

Vet Office Staff Expected A Sad Discovery On Opening The Box Supposedly Containing Abandoned Bunnies

18:00 08.05.23
The pooch got trapped in a ravine. Source: The Dodo screenshot

Family Who Had Already Lost Hope Of Finding Their Missing Dog Never Knew Their Pet Was Fighting For Life At The Bottom Of Ravine

23:00 07.05.23
A therapy dog. Source: YouTube screenshot

Dog Helps Weak Kids Cope With Anxiety, And Does A Great Job

21:00 07.05.23
Adorable kitties. Source: lovemeow screenshot

Two Adult Cats Adopt And Raise A Rescued Kitty As Their Own

15:00 07.05.23
If animals could use gadgets. Source: artstation screenshot

Artist Shows What Our World Would Be Like If Animals Behaved The Way Humans Do

12:00 07.05.23