Stray dogs in the toy store. Source: Facebook screenshot

"Cute Burglary": Dogs Team Up To Steal A Dog-Shaped Toy

22:00 06.05.23
The dog before and after a seven years' stay at the shelter. Source: pets.mail

Dog Who Has Stayed At Shelter For Seven Years No Longer Hides His Sadness

20:00 06.05.23
Love in the air. Source: YouTube screenshot

Horse Has Fallen In Love With A Corgi And Does Not Hide His Feelings

17:00 06.05.23
The mare and her adopted foal. Source: Sarah Brayshaw

After Losing Her Baby, This Mare Adopted A Foal Rejected By Its Mother

12:00 06.05.23
Kind man provides stray dogs with free meals. Source: The Dodo screenshot

Stray Dogs Line Up Outside A Restaurant Where They Get Free Meals Every Night

23:00 05.05.23
The world's largest horse. Source: trendymen screenshot

The Largest Horse In History Was As Tall As A Two-Story Building: It Lived In 1846

21:00 05.05.23
Lolita. Source: YouTube screenshot

52 Years In Captivity: The Oldest Orca Sees The Open Ocean For The First Time

18:00 05.05.23
The doggie. Source: YouTube screenshot

"Garbage Lover": This Doggie's Harmless Prank Played A Bad Joke On Him

12:00 05.05.23
Source: Instagram screenshot

Man Deliberately Picks Out The Oldest Dogs In Shelters And Adopts Them

15:00 04.05.23
Loyal doggie. Source: petpop screenshot

Pooch Wouldn't Leave His Charred Home For Almost A Month, Waiting For His Owners

12:00 04.05.23
Zammy the dog. Source: Instagram screenshot

"He Has A Special Mission": Giant Dog Brightens Up Weak Kids' Lives

03:00 04.05.23
Baby rhino and his mom. Source: YouTube screenshot

Baby Rhino Has Just Come Into The World, And He Is Already Bothering Its Family

18:00 03.05.23
The cat chases away a fox. Source: YouTube screenshot

Very Large Cat Chases Away A Wild Fox That Dares To Enter His Territory

12:00 03.05.23
The Galgo dog. Source: Travis Patenaude screenshot

"They Have Rights, Too": Greyhounds Abandoned After Hunting Season Is Over

01:00 03.05.23
Surat and his steer. Source: petpop screenshot

"I Couldn't Part With Him": Farmer Falls In Love With A Steer And Buys Him Back From His Owner

21:00 02.05.23
Now best friends. Source: Instagram screenshot

This Kitty Reluctant To Let A Dog Near Her Kittens Gradually Accepts The Pooch's Help

17:00 02.05.23
Source: YouTube screenshot

Family Did Not Know That Their Stolen Cat Was 10 Hours Away

11:00 02.05.23
Source: video screenshot

Collecting Old Shoes Helps An Animal Shelter To Rescue Dogs

05:00 02.05.23
Best friends. Source: YouTube screenshot

Fisherman Would Go To The River Every Day And See A Snake There: The Man And The Reptile Have Been Friends For Five Years

03:00 02.05.23
Possum. Source: YouTube screenshot

"Didn't Hope To Be Rescued": Helpless Possum Desperately Struggled In A Garbage Can Full Of Water

22:00 01.05.23