As an expecting mother, Renee shot a short "pregnant" video for a social network. And in a matter of days, it got five million views. It's all about Renee's belly. It's so big that it looks like she's carrying at least four.

From the family archive. Source: TikTok

"I don't know why my belly is so big. It was much smaller during my previous pregnancies. I go for check-ups all the time, and the doctors assure me that everything is normal. I have only one baby there, it is healthy and developing without abnormalities. I don't have a lot of fluid, extra fluid or gestational diabetes, which would have explained the size of my belly."


Can’t wait to see my #babyboy !! Love being #pregnant but so ready to hold my baby boy in my arms!! #39weekspregnant today !! 🥰🌈🤰🏼

♬ original sound - Renae W

Renee has already met her baby, but she says she will miss her belly.


♬ original sound - Renae W

Internet users, on the other hand, kindly tease the author of the video.

"It looks like there's a grown-up giant in there."

"The kid's building a house there."

"He's going to be born at once in a huge SUV."

Most of the jokes are made by men. But the girls are very supportive of Renee, saying that every pregnancy is unique and every mother carries a baby in her own way.

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