The dog surprised its owners when it gave birth to absolutely incredible puppies. It turned out that such a miracle is very rare. Now both the furry mother herself and her babies have become famous on the Internet. They are recognized everywhere, and tens of thousands of people already follow how the babies are growing.

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This amazing dog's name is Rosie. She is a Golden Retriever mix and lives with her owners in Raleigh, North Carolina. Her owners, John and Kathy Black, took her from a shelter several years ago. The couple works every day at a local animal shelter and clinic and rehabilitates injured four-legged friends. They both love dogs, so when they found out Rosie was pregnant, they were extremely happy.

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The owners provided the best possible care for her, taking care of her even more than they already did every day. Finally the day of delivery came. But when the owners saw the first of the puppies, they could not believe their eyes. Immediately they thought it was an accident, but the rest of the puppies coming into the world stunned them completely. All in all, Rosie gave birth to four offspring.

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The dog gave birth and immediately caused the owners a lot of emotions. They literally grabbed their heads. Shared photos of the new mother and her babies are still captivating the Internet. The puppies looked very unusual. Their coloration was far from light brown. The color of the puppies was more like the color of a cow. The dogs were white and had black spots. Still, they were very cute and, as it later turned out, perfectly healthy.

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The vets explained that this is incredibly rare, but it does happen. After all, Rosie is not a purebred retriever, so her mixed up genes "played" on the pups. Rosie's family was shocked, but it wasn't a problem for them. They took care of all four puppies and their beautiful mother. The dogs were named Daisy, Betsy, Clarabelle and Moo, and the owners are looking for loving homes for them.


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