Animals are very special creatures. They are some kind of heavenly messengers who are supposed to make us better, kinder, and protect us from all kinds of harm. It may sound silly, but one day a young woman was convinced of this from her own experience.

Faithful protector. Source: Pinterest

It happened about ten years ago, when she was in her senior year of high school. It was about the middle of February and teenagers were actively preparing for prom and therefore often stayed late after school. That day they were practicing a waltz and left school when it was already quite dark.

The girl was walking home along the well-trodden route and, strangely enough, was not afraid of anything. Towards her ran a large dog, like a sheepdog. She was frightened at first, but then she realized the dog was kind. The animal followed her and followed at her heels.

Dangerous route. Source: Pinterest

When she was almost at the doorway, a car pulled up next to her. There were four drunk guys sitting in the car, and music was playing loudly. One of them got out and started insisting that she get in the car. When the girl tried to run away, he blocked her path. At that very moment her furry companion grabbed the insolent guy's leg. He got scared, got in his car, and drove away.

Unexpected help. Source: Pinterest

She hugged the dog out of gratitude, and he walked her to the entrance. she turned around to hug her savior again, but he was gone. At home, she told her grandmother about everything. The woman said that it was not just a dog, but a guardian angel.


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