Luna, a Husky and Corgi mix has recently become a social media star. In the viral videos the dog with an angry face, blue eyes, and short legs barks silently as if talking with his owner.

Source: Instagram

The unusual dog from Canada has had quite a tough start in life. By the age of four weeks, Luna has changed two homes. Eventually, the dog was adopted by a man who made her social media star. Now almost 500,000 people follow the good girl's TikTok and Instagram.

Luna is a husky trapped inside a corgi.

Have you ever seen a husky and corgi mix?

Source: Instagram

According to Luna's owner, the charming pet has a Napoleon complex. Despite her short legs, Luna is confident, stubborn, and sassy. The owner doesn't know how her parents look, but he says the dog is completely healthy.

Source: Instagram

"I don't know where she came from, I don't have a picture of her parents. But Luna is happy and healthy, she is living her best life. All dogs deserve to have a home, no matter whether it's a purchased or a shelter dog."

Luna's silent barking is the thing her subscribers like the most. Every morning, the pet persistently wakes her owner by "whispering" in a dog's way. Because of the classic husky color, Luna always looks serious.

Source: Instagram

Judging by the number of views, the pet has won the hearts of social media users due to her bright character and talkativeness. The dog knows basic commands, but it seems hard to get Luna to do things she doesn't want to do.

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Look at that stretch!

In the future, Luna's owner plans to do a DNA test to check the pet's pedigree.


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