Some parts of our planet are known for their bitter cold and icy weather that gives only a minimal chance of survival to a person left outside. The Altai region of Russia is just this kind of place. Several years ago, a shocking incident happened there, that made people shudder with horror and cry with emotion.


One winter day, residents of the Loktevsky District, Russia, spotted a dog lying on their neighbor's porch. After the pet lay there motionless for 48 hours the locals came up to the doggie and saw ... a toddle under him.


It turned out that the mother of a two-year-old boy had left him on the unheated porch. The little boy would not have survived if it hadn't been for the dog who lived in the yard of the house and covered the boy with his body.


Thanks to the warmth of the dog's body and his fluffy fur, the child was able to survive left outside for 48 hours without food or water. The boy shivered in temperatures averaging 9F, dipping to a chilling minus 6F at night, and was wearing only light clothes. After the locals found out about him, he was immediately taken to the hospital. Despite acute hypothermia, he survived.


The negligent mother's parental rights had been terminated, and she was sent to jail. The locals consider the dog a hero, because he became a true guardian angel of his little owner, not afraid to give his life for him. Fortunately, this did not happen since the dog also survived.

This case once again demonstrates that dogs are much better than humans. The dog was starving and freezing, saving the baby from death, unlike his negligent mother, who, by the way, could not be found for 4 days after the incident.


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