Kelly Alencar, 42, has three cats, six dogs and the job of a real estate consultant, but she has no time for men, moreover, she's not going to waste it on dating.

Kelly has never been eager to get into a relationship. At 16, she had her first kiss with a boy, they even dated, but not for a long time.

The reason for their breakup was that the boy cheated. After this experience, Kelly decided that relationships with men were not for her.

"Men are very annoying, I don't have enough patience for them. My friends have all kinds of love problems, but I think it's such nonsense."


"Men have always been attracted to me but I didn't care about that. I even had to turn down several proposals. I have my life, my habits, I do not want someone to bore me," she said.

"I quickly get bored with men. If we spend a lot of time together, I start dreaming about getting away from the guy."

Six years ago, Kelly decided to give up relationships with men. She hasn't kissed anyone since.

"I don't have time for that. All of my ex-boyfriends have been married or in relationships for a long time. I've deleted them all from my Facebook. But if one of them breaks up with his sweetheart and calls me, believe me I won't answer."

"I have three cats and six dogs. I work every day; my schedule is so heavy so I don't have time to worry about men."


If Kelly feels lonely, she goes out with her friends. Almost all of them are married women.

"My friends ask me advice about how to get along with their husbands. They often have arguments; they call crying when they get depressed."

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"I am the sole master of my life. If I want to take in 30 pets, I'll do it," she says.

The woman's main love is pets; she's even taken a course in veterinary medicine.

"My number one priority is my pets. I wouldn't swap them for any man, and I'm very happy with this choice."


And what do you think about this woman's decision?


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