The twins, who were born apart, went to first grade together. Mother Maria was very anxious for her daughters to be able to enjoy life together. Now she is happy to see her little ones jumping on the road to school, playing and laughing.

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Doctors gave little hope that her children would survive. The contractions began at 26 weeks of pregnancy, and Amy was born. Luckily, the labor process stopped, and the second little sister was left for another, hopefully healthier, time.

Eighty-seven days later, Katie was born. Amy, contrary to predictions, survived and also met her sister. Such a big time difference between twin births is unique.

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When twins are born, usually the uterus contracts and pushes the two babies out. This did not happen, according to doctors, because of Amy's tiny size. The twins are not the woman's first children - she has an older daughter, 18-year-old Olivia, and 16-year-old son Jack.

"At first I couldn't even feel the joy of motherhood. One of my babies was in the intensive care unit, and the other was still clinging to life in my womb. I didn't know if I would come home with at least one of them. But in the end, I pulled myself together and decided that I would only leave the hospital with both of my girls," recalls the twins' mother.

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On August 27, Maria was induced to give birth at 36 weeks' gestation. In just an hour, she gave birth to her daughter Katie, weighing 2.5 pounds.

"When I took Katie in my arms, she smiled at me. The baby girl was completely healthy. Two hours later, the twins were finally reunited. The baby was placed in Amy's incubator and big sis smiled in her sleep. It was an unforgettable moment," her mother recalled.

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The power of a mother's love really does work wonders. And the happy childhood of these beautiful girls is direct proof of that. 


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