Dogs and cats are known not to be the best friends. However, there are wonderful examples that challenge this stereotype. For example, this dog couldn't help taking a rescued weak kitten under her wing when the little one arrived at the shelter.

Several years ago, the animal rescue organization Mojo's Hope in Alaska rescued one sweet dog living in the woods with her pups. Volunteers took care of her and her pups, and gave mommy the nickname Cinder. At first, she was very fearful and not willing to socialize with people.

Source: Mojo's Hope

Only with time Cinder got used to her new family and understood that volunteers would not hurt her. On learning to trust to people, the doggie became an extremely sociable and good-natured girl. Since then, she has made friends with all of the shelter's residents including cats.

Source: Mojo's Hope

"She’s [become] an extraordinary mentor for every new rescue that came into our program. She’s provided them with love, care and a place of safety," the shelter staff said. A little later, a physically challenged kitten arrived at the shelter. He could not move around normally, and the volunteers provided him with special care.

Source: Mojo's Hope

The kitten was named Bridger, and after some treatment and rehabilitation, a foster family took him in. It was just the home where Cinder lived. When these two were introduced to each other, it was love at first sight! They immediately became friends, and started spending a lot of time together. The dog is very gentle with Bridger as if feeling that he is a special kitten, and Bridger responds with tenderness and love.

Source: Mojo's Hope

They often lie together and cuddle, play for a long time, or just enjoy each other's company. Next to Bridger, the kitten has found the support and warmth that he needed so much. Such a wonderful couple!

Source: Mojo's Hope


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