Children's imagination and playfulness are truly boundless, so parents often have to cool their ardor and say "no." But have you ever wondered what your day would be like if you never once said "no" to all the wishes and adventures of children?

The South Wales couple Hannah and James Simonson decided to conduct an experiment in which they agree to everything their children suggest and ask for during one day. You'd think it would be easy, just say "yes," but the conditions of the game are only simple at first glance. How the Simons family had a "yes" day, mom Hannah told us on Facebook.

Happy together. Source: Facebook

Of course, the parents made rules to make sure that "yes" day went off without incident for everyone in the family:
1) Nothing dangerous (we wanted to survive the day);
2) The consequences of any mischief could only last twenty-four hours;
3) A negotiated budget in advance;
4) Have fun! Just do it! Don't think about it! Let them do everything! You won't regret... for too long, Hannah shared her advice.

Boundless children's creativity. Source: Facebook

Hannah and James's kids turned out to be a lot of fun! For starters, they decided to put makeup on their parents: Mom got lipstick, thick black eyebrows, and even a beard, while Dad got off with red lipstick and a small pattern on his face.

Extravagant look. Source: Facebook

Daddy got a bra over his clothes and Mom got men's bikinis. Next, the kids decided to have breakfast at McDonald's-and again YES!

Unforgettable fun. Source: Facebook

Although the experience was definitely challenging, Hannah admitted that she was pleased with the experiment and suggested that other parents should take up the adventure.

"Our kids have had to hear no so many times during their isolation: not seeing family, not seeing friends, not going to entertainment centers, so it's time to say YES to them," said the mother of the family.


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