Puppies are fed, trained, played with and have a quiet hour. Despite the unusual purpose, this place is still considered a kindergarten. With the only difference being that it is not for your kids, but for four-legged friends. This stunning place is called "Puppy Spring".

Puppy friends at daycare for dogs

An unusual institution is located in Gyeonggido, South Korea. Dog owners can bring their pet to the daycare for dogs while they are at work or just busy with something. Someone may wonder why you need to bring their pets there? However, pet owners will understand: that dogs tend to grieve if the owner leaves them alone for a long time. The conditions are simple: the pet must be at least twelve weeks old.

A pet in the Puppy Spring

«Puppy Spring» employees provide various services for dogs: they are not only fed, cared for, but also educated. The care for the furry visitors of the kindergarten is also impressive, as everyone is provided with an individual bed with a blanket and even a pillow. Here, in this kindergarten, animals are treated with love.

Puppies play in the kindergarten

Touching photos of sleeping puppies have already spread all over the world. Puppy Spring has a page on Instagram, where they have 36.5 thousand followers. On their page, they publish pictures and videos of dogs, which are impossible to look at without being touched.

The quiet hour

Sweet dreams

A little princess

The quiet hour


Source: odnaminyta.com

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