A helpless and unwanted kitten was found on the road. The baby could hardly move and because of the eye disease the kitten could not even see properly. 

A kitten when it was just picked up

Good-natured people couldn’t leave the abandoned cat in such a terrible condition, so they took it to their home. Tiny and light as a feather, the kitten found a new home. It was a girl who was eventually named Nimbus. 

No one could even think that a stray kitten would turn out to be such a beautiful cat. First of all, the new owners had to cure the kitten, and then take care of its appearance.

The kitten was getting better every day and a month later the white ball began to show its character.

The new owners were stunned by how quickly their pet was recovering. To remember the moments of transformation, the owners took pictures of their cat.  Later they decided to share the magical results with the whole world so that other animal lovers could see how important it is to take care of our four-legged friends.

Their instagram followers didn't believe at first that this beautiful fluffy cat was in such a hopeless condition. Many people were interested in the fate of the animal, so the owners created their own profile for Nimbus on Instagram. There they regularly shared pictures, and then began to earn money.

Then the owners created clothes with photos of a frowning kitten and there were a lot of people willing to buy merchandise with the image of Nimbus. Thus Nibus began to bring money to her rescuers.

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