A woman wanted to update her kitchen, but the budget was limited. So she decided to renovate the kitchen without the advice and help of professional designers. She began to study everything about the repair on her own. 

So the woman found repairmen. The kitchen was small, only five squares. It was necessary to figure out how to visually increase the square, and at the same time fit everything you need there.

Kitchen before repair

In terms of usability, the kitchen was inconveniently arranged: old tiles on the walls, large kitchen cabinets, which were of little use and took up a lot of space.

Kitchen before repair

The woman decided to radically change everything. Meanwhile, the dismantling of the old kitchen looked like a big dump.

After the overhaul, it was time to decorate the kitchen.

Kitchen during the repair

The woman picked up the Scandinavian style, which is characterized by light colors, practicality, austerity and elegance. The new kitchen turned out to be both beautiful and functional. The light wood countertop perfectly matches the white kitchen furniture and the black and silver gas stove and built-in oven.

A modern sink in black color added severity. The refrigerator is hidden in a special white cabinet.

Kitchen after renovation

There was even a table in the small kitchen. The woman very accurately chose a round table on thin and high legs. She picked up chairs in the same style and color.

The kitchen after the repair turned out to be restrained, cozy and stylish. The woman showed by her example that even without specialists you can make the repair of your dreams. The main thing is the desire and a clear plan.

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