Pets cannot talk about their feelings, but they definitely get attached to their beloved owners. Four-legged animals cannot forget them even after death.

This is a life story that touched the hearts of millions. Irina was a kind woman and loved her kitten, which she took from the shelter. 

Irina's kitten

The 55-year-old woman was single, without husband and children. Therefore, the pet was not just an animal for her: the little kitten became her family, which she took care of. The kitten turned out to be very smart, playful and did not let Irina get bored for a minute. 

They were almost always together. When the woman went to the garden, the cat followed her. The neighbors were surprised at their warm relationship. The cat understood his mistress at a glance, always accompanied and waited at the door.

Ten years passed, and the woman passed away. The pet came to the grave of his mistress every day and sat there all day. Then he would return home, sit by the door and wait for her to come.

The neighbors could not look at the cat without crying. He lost weight, did not want to eat anything and didn't let anyone near him.

The 10-year-old girl was the only one who managed to somehow approach the animal. The little girl constantly came with food. At first, the cat behaved a bit aggressively, but eventually allowed to be fed and even stroked. 

Later, the girl's parents took him to their home. Thus, thanks to the girl who wanted to feed the exhausted cat, the animal got a new home and family.


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