The US cities and small towns abound in strays and it's up to us to provide all these animals with warm home and filling meal. However, sometimes stray animals find help and support in each other, although they may belong to different species.

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This is the case with a stray cat that always stayed by the side of the dog left to fend for himself.

The poor dog has a sad story

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The doggie was abandoned by his previous owner after he moved to a nursery home where it wasn't allowed to keep pets. The dog's elderly owner just left his loyal friend outside his apartment building.

However, the pet never lost hope to see his owner again near his former home so he stayed at the porch for six months. It is when the doggie made friends with a stray tabby cat.

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The locals knew about their friendship and fed them occasionally.

They would leave them some food

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Somebody even made a shelter for the furry duo to stay in when it's cold and windy outside.

When winter approached, the pair was finally reported to a local animal rescue. Some locals were so moved by the successful rescue that they couldn't hold back their tears.

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"I don’t know, it’s great that they’re rescued, but I’m also worried. Hope they meet a good family who genuinely loves animals," a local resident said when asked why she was crying.

Despite their life on the street, the checkup at the vet showed they the cat and dog were perfectly healthy. The vet concluded that they were quite well fed by the locals.

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Now the dog and the cat are safe

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The shelter staff wants this pair to be adopted together because they have such a strong bond.

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Find out more about these pets’ close friendship in the video below.


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