Shelter animals often have a difficulty in finding a new loving home. Goliath the Great Dane also faced this problem. After being surrendered to the shelter no one wanted to adopt a nine-year-old giant because of his size.

It comes as no surprise since the Great Dane is one of the largest dog breeds in the world. Although they are good-natured and calm, they need a lot of space and food that is why not every household can keep a Great Dane.

When the 7-foot, 150-pound doggie arrived at Reversed Rescue, he was extremely emaciated and his bones could be seen through his skin. But animal rescuers Friis and Kanaka decided to prepare a special surprise for the gentle giant.

They spent a day with Goliath giving him all the love and attention he deserves.

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First, the doggie was taken to a pet store, where Friis and Kanaka bought him everything he touched. The big haul included all sorts of things from stuffed toys to treats.

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"I think this is the bulk bar, not the buffet bar, buddy,' Triis told Goliath as as they were in the aisle of cookies.

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And of course, Goliath made a beeline for the dog bones and chose one of the biggest bones in the store.

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But the best Christmas gift ever was still ahead.

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Santa Claus was already waiting for them, ready to give an excellent piece of news.

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After playing for a while with Goliath, Santa told him "I have a wonderful surprise for you."

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The curtain opened and Goliath's new owner walked into the room. It was Triis! He couldn't let this gentle giant go!

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Thank you Triis for adopting this good boy!

Watch the touching video of the happiest day of Goliath the Great Dane below!


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