In Tel Aviv, at Ben Gurion Airport, a kitten that a passenger had forgotten on the plane was fortunately found. The fluffy cat was found by the airport staff, and not just anywhere, but in the cockpit!

Fluffy passenger. Source:

The cat would hardly have been able to get on the plane on his own, allowing airport staff to guess that the cat had simply forgotten to be picked up after the flight.

The last flight to Dubai was on January 24 and has remained at the airport ever since. The kitty was accidentally spotted in the cockpit window only on February 7. And that means the poor guy spent 14 days without food or water!

Forgotten animal. Source:

In spite of this long confinement, the kitty remained unharmed. The airport staff rushed to free the fluffy cat and make sure that his health is not in danger.

The condition of the feline is very good, but the same cannot be said about the cockpit where the little animal was stowed. It turned out that the whiskered passenger had done a good job with his teeth and claws.

Consequences of being in the cockpit. Source:

Now all that's left is to find the hapless owner of the hardy beauty. We hope that the airline's damaged property will not prevent him from returning for his pet!


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