Lucy the pit bull did everything she could to save her family, but unfortunately her courageous deed cost her life. Had it not been for the brave doggie, a man with a knife could have hurt her entire family.

"She saved our lives. She really did," Lucy's owner Lisa Potts says.

One weekday afternoon, the Florida resident Lisa Potts came home and found her ex-boyfriend, Walter Williams, inside. Furious Williams started insulting Potts, then tried to stab her with a knife he had grabbed in the kitchen. That's when the faithful dog Lucy came to the rescue.

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"Lucy jumped at him, and he stabbed her right in the neck. She still was fighting him, and that's when all three of my sons jumped on Walter and held him down to the ground," Potts recalls. One of the boys was injured, but Lucy suffered much more serious injuries as she was stabbed three times.

"I asked someone for a towel and pressed it as hard as I could to try to save her life," Potts shares. "I kept telling her, 'Come on, Lucy, come on.'"

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However, despite Potts' efforts, Lucy's heart stopped the next day. "She was a fighter, and she did good, she really did. If it wasn't for her, you know, he could have killed all of us," Potts says.

Source: Freepik

Williams has been put in jail for battery and may face additional charges.

Have you ever heard of similar stories of dogs rescuing their owners?


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