Mary Peters of Seattle, Washington, has achieved amazing results in training her Australian Shepherd named Secret. The girl, then 16, started training her dog seven years ago. Peters was giving the dog more and more challenges, and her pet was able to do them all! Intelligent, obedient, physically strong dog is ready to participate in everything her owner offers her.

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A trip to Mary's grandparents to snowy Iowa revealed Secret's love of active lifestyle. It all started with sledding. Mary showed Secret how to jump into the sled, then rewarded her with a treat for mastering the sled hill. Soon Secret would sled down the hill, then take the rope in her teeth and drag the sled up. During their time in Iowa, Secret went down the hill at least 50 times!

Source: Instagram

Mary was amazed by her pet's success and decided to share videos of Secret on Instagram. The shepherd's account, which tells about the dog's talents and the touching relationship between Secret and her owner, started gaining popularity. At the moment, it has over 1.4 million subscribers.

Source: Instagram

That's what Mary and Secret amaze their fans with:

Mastering the sled hill

Dancing Irish jigs for St. Patrick's Day with perfect synchronicity

Working out together

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Then proceeding to their yoga flow routine. Look at Secret's balance!

Now it's time to mop the floor

Secret is also an accomplished painter

Dance like no one is watching

Some help with the laundry

Getting ready for charm school

Secret even does a trust fall

It seems that there is nothing that this smart doggie cannot do!

Source: Instagram


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