In Susan's family, buying lottery tickets is something akin to tradition, her father used to buy them, and later she herself joined in. The woman was sure that one day she would be lucky, but the expectation of luck did not cancel the usual life. In their family, everyone worked equally hard on the farm, Susan herself, even as a teenager found her first job. Early marriage and the birth of a son added responsibilities and duties, and after the divorce, the woman had to work even harder.

At the beauty salon, which was her own project and her only source of income, Susan did not do only hair, but all the administrative work. As life went by, she finally found a home she could afford for her children after the divorce, but at the moment the woman needed to make a deposit on her new home, things at the salon went bad. Desparation struck, but her family tradition came to rescue - in the week of her payment deadline the weekly lottery ticket purchase suddenly turned out to be lucky, all the numbers matched, and Susan could hardly believe the miracle had happened after all.

Photo from personal archive. Source: Instagram

The woman knew many stories of unexpected millionaires who blew their winnings on luxury goods and entertainment in no time at all, and some had their lives turned into tragedy under the influence of money. To celebrate her good fortune, she went to a karaoke bar with her friends and bought gifts for her family.

Everyday life of farmers. Source: Instagram

And for her own pleasure, she bought a comfortable motor home. Otherwise, her lifestyle has not changed, she still does not store at expensive brand-name stores, but at ordinary shopping malls and stock stores. Big money has not become a source of temptation for her, but a reliable financial cushion and an opportunity to do what she likes.

Happiness in simple things. Source: Instagram

Susan left her exhausting job at the salon to go into animal husbandry. On her farm, she raises pigs and engages in gardening. She also does not forget about charity, although she prefers to keep a low profile. Thanks to social networks, it became known that last year when the lockdown started, Susan's family was delivering free vegetables to the residents, especially to those who needed help the most - the orphanage for disabled children and lonely people.


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