A female pit bull was spotted wandering the fields near Ducor, California. The dog named Mama, spent days sitting by the roadside waiting for the cars driving by to throw her some food.

The animal looked very weak and emaciated, and there were signs of abuse on her body. Mama would not let anyone near her and would run away whenever anyone tried to approach her. She had been roaming the countryside for a year when Danny Spanks from A Safefurr Place Animal Rescue heard about her story. He immediately decided to take care of the dog.

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Danny would leave food for Mama in the same place every day, gradually getting closer to the animal. Soon the dog began to ask Spanks for food, but she still wouldn't let him touch her. As it turned out later, Mama had puppies and was abandoned once her puppies didn't need her anymore. The pups were probably sold and the dog was simply thrown away when she stopped nursing her pups.

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It wasn't until a year and a half later that Danny was able to take Mama to his shelter. A lot of work had to be done to make Mama trust people.

"Mama is the most dramatic and extreme case of a rescue taking much, much longer than we wanted," Danny said.

According to Spanks, when Mama was brought to the shelter, she was very difficult to deal with. "Mama does not walk on a leash/harness for any reason at this time. Not for treats. Not for other dogs. Not for toys. Not to gain access to the rest of the yard outside the kennel. If she has a leash/harness around her she refuses to move," he wrote on YouTube.

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A few months later, the dog was still very afraid of humans, but she started to interact with other animals and has gained some weight. Spanks has to keep the dog in an enclosure to prevent her from escaping. "She does not follow commands. She will not come when called. She will run from humans," Danny added.

The biggest challenge right now getting Mama to walk on a leash. But Danny has no intention of giving up. He is ready to continue working with Mama to restore her faith in human kindness, find the dog a new loving family and make her truly happy.

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