Ryan, a blogger from Canada, managed to capture on camera the most touching moment in the life of his family. The guy's dog named Nova realized that his wife was pregnant and could not hide her emotions. The reaction of the pet has won the hearts not only of her owners, but also of thousands of people.

The father-to-be has shared this cute video on TikTok. The footage shows the pet standing on the couch above her pregnant owner, placing her front paws on either side of her belly. The doggie stares intently into her owner's eyes and then rests her head against her face. Then Nova cautiously leans over and rests her face against her owner's belly.


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The video quickly racked up thousands of likes and made Internet users cry with tenderness. TikTokers have written that the dog's behavior shows that she will protect the baby even after birth. And some started sharing similar stories:

"I had a German shepherd that did the same. She used to protect me all the time," one person wrote.

"She was like I'LL TEACH YOU HOW TO BE A PARENT," another added.

"A friend of mine had a similar story. Their husky found out she was pregnant before the rest of the family did. Later, the vet told her that dogs are able to pick up changes in the body smell of pregnant women," one of the subscribers said.

"My Labrador almost never left my belly when I was pregnant! Protected me," another shared.

Source: apostrophe.com

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